What to Consider when Choosing an Event Venue

With an array of choices in Singapore, deciding on an event venue for a corporate event can be a daunting task. We list down some considerations to bear in mind when selecting the right venue for your upcoming corporate function.


1. Nature of the event

To start, what type of function are you looking to organise? Is it a seminar, workshop, training session, or networking event? Different venue types call for different room and seating arrangements. For instance, team-based training sessions may take place in a function room with cluster or classroom-shaped seating, whereas a formal cocktail networking event would require an event space which provides cocktail tables and sufficient room for attendees to move about while mingling.


2. Location

Venues should ideally be accessible by various modes of transport – namely bus, MRT and car. They should also be located in a centralised area, such as the downtown core or CBD area.


Classroom seating in a rotunda

3. Desired ambience

Laid back, family-oriented, or classy? Restaurants, bars, and cafes provide a more casual and laid-back atmosphere for informal gatherings, while formal event venues offer a more professional and distinguished feel, which is usually preferable for important events such as conferences and board meetings.

4. Group size

It is generally easier to book a meeting room for a smaller group due to the logistics involved and the available number of options. A larger group with 60 attendees or more would require a bigger space and advance planning in order to secure your preferred choice of venue. On top of that, room capacities vary from venue to venue – most venues readily indicate their maximum room capacities on their respective websites.


Buffet catering

5. Catering

If you will be holding an event, chances are you will need F&B catered for your guests. You will need to take note of how many to cater for (which does not necessarily have to correspond with the number of attendees), what to cater (such as lunches and tea breaks) as well as whether your venue of choice is able to accommodate your catering requirements.

Other factors to consider are the cost per head, choice of cuisine, presentation (buffet spread with warmers VS packed bentos), number of food items, and the provision of alcoholic drinks, if any. Advance notice of 3 to 5 days is usually required for catering for larger groups.


6. IT and audio-visual (AV) facilities

Will you be screening videos, displaying PowerPoint slides or video-conferencing with an overseas party? If so, your venue of choice should offer IT and AV support services so you can be sure everything runs smoothly on the event day. No need to worry about forgetting to bring your VGA cable.


Theatre-style event seating with projector screens


7. Event planning and other value-added services

Some venue providers offer the use of a room only, while others come with concierge services and an assigned planner to help with your event. An event planner will be able to assist you with logistics or any other requirements that you may have, particularly with regard to seating arrangements, specific catering requirements, furnishing, and more.


Maxwell Chambers


The Perfect Venue, Your Preferred Destination

Conveniently located next to Tanjong Pagar MRT, Maxwell Chambers offers an array of customisable rooms in varying sizes. The rooms are housed within a prestigious conserved building of historical significance. The classy atmosphere, premium facilities and excellent service will offer an enhanced experience for your guests.



  • Exclusive and private ambience
  • Acoustically-treated rooms for optimal privacy
  • Customisable room layouts
  • High-speed wireless internet access



  • Concierge services
  • Audio-visual and IT technical support
  • F&B catering
  • Event and logistics planning


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