Q&A with Jerome Siew, The Greater Goods Co.

The Greater Goods Co. is one the newest F&B additions to Maxwell Chambers. In conjunction with the cafe’s soft opening on 18 October, we spoke to Jerome Siew, one of the team behind the cafe, to find out more.



Tell us more about your new café.

The Greater Goods Co. is a cafe by day, bar by night. Aiming to bring a dash of fun into the area, our menu offers keto-friendly options for the health conscious as well as more indulgent sandwiches for those feeling naughty. Here at Maxwell Chambers, we know you guys take your caffeine seriously which is why we make sure that our beans from Brazil and Sumatra are locally roasted and freshly pulled to order by our experienced baristas.

Come nightfall, the sandwich and salad menu makes way for cheeky bar bites and potent cocktails. Believing that a holistic work life balance involves letting your hair down after a hard days work, we’ve engineered the place to foster a casual yet classic vibe where silence is not golden. Feel free to request and sing along to songs of yesteryear or chat with the crew about the latest happenings. If the office is your second home, then it is our goal to make The Greater Goods Co. your third.


What inspired you to open the café on top of your existing F&B ventures?

The inspiration is simple – to open an honest, local-run establishment where we can be confident about the fare we serve. We wouldn’t put it on the menu if we wouldn’t eat it ourselves. At the same time, we want to build a community within the vicinity where anyone is welcome at any time for any reason.


What are your day-to-day responsibilities in managing the various eateries?

My responsibilities include (but are not limited to) making sure the food, drink & service quality is up to par, brainstorming and implementing new initiatives to improve productivity, ensuring brand relevance, guest satisfaction and crunching numbers at the end of the day. Fun stuff, really.


Your top recommendations from the menu?

My personal favorite is the Sriracha Chicken: roasted whole chicken thigh slathered in sriracha mayo, topped with onions and arugula slapped between two halves of toasty brioche.

If I’m feeling guilty I’ll go for a Steak Cauli Bowl: slices of tender sous-vide tenderloin steak and leafy greens atop a bed of tasty fried cauliflower rice (~15g of carbohydrates for an entire serving).

From the bar bites, the baby taters are a sleeper hit. We parboil baby potatoes before smashing them flat and roasting them till the outer skin gets nice and crispy while the “meat” in the middle is still fluffy and steamy. Dip those in truffle mayo, wash it down with a bottle of ice cold craft beer and you’re golden.


Describe The Greater Goods Co. in three words.

Casual, Convivial, Community.


Opening Promotion:

1-for-1 non-alcoholic drinks between 9am-4pm from now until the end of November 2018




Opening hours: Monday – Friday, 8am – 10pm

Closed on Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays

General enquiries: [email protected]

Website: https://www.facebook.com/greatergoodssg/