Maxwell Chambers Suites to officially open on 8 August 2019

Maxwell Chambers Suites, the old Traffic Police headquarters along Maxwell Road, will officially open on 8 August as part of the expanded Maxwell Chambers after two years of restoration works.

The expansion of the dispute resolution complex commenced in 2017 to meet the growing demand for dispute resolution services in Singapore.

The opening date was announced by Home Affairs and Law Minister K. Shanmugam on Friday (April 26) at the Inter-Pacific Bar Association conference.

In his speech, Mr Shanmugam addressed the following:

  • Maxwell Chambers Suites, along with other initiatives, has boosted Singapore’s position as an international dispute resolution centre
  • Demand for dispute resolution services is set to go up as the region grows, as the combined economy of the 10 Asean nations is expected to grow at about 5 per cent per year
  • Singapore, with strong rule of law and a trusted legal system as well as good relations with its neighbours, is a good place for companies to build their regional bases and do business


On 7 August, Singapore will also host the signing ceremony of the UN Convention on International Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation, which will be named the Singapore Convention on Mediation. Singapore played an active role in negotiating the convention, which will facilitate the enforcement of mediated settlement agreements and help to promote international trade and commerce.


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