The Virtual Hearing Experience at Maxwell Chambers

Dear Legal Practitioners,

In line with the latest COVID-19 circuit breaker measures, we are pleased to offer virtual ADR hearings in place of physical hearings, which will allow legal teams to minimise disruptions to their case proceedings even with all parties working remotely.

Maxwell Chambers is also working with reputable partners to provide clients with necessary assistance to conduct effective and efficient hearings with a full suite of services, including remote transcription, interpretation and digital hearing solutions.

Our full suite of services includes:

  • state-of-the-art video conferencing platforms that prioritise privacy, security and confidentiality;
    collaboration with reputable partners to offer a full range of hearing-related services such as real-time transcription, interpretation and digital hearing solutions, to enable effective and efficient hearings;
  • step-by-step tutorials and test-runs for parties, to ensure a seamless transition from a physical to online hearing; and
  • real-time concierge services during the hearing – our moderator(s) are on-hand to provide end-to-end support. This includes setting up the virtual hearing, trouble-shooting technical issues, facilitating private discussions during the hearing, and ensuring confidentiality and security.

As a neutral party, the moderator will manage the participants’ visual and audio quality, facilitate document sharing, and ensure dry runs are conducted to minimise any technical disruptions during the virtual hearing.

We strive to ensure best practices for planning, testing and conducting virtual hearings to meet the fast changing expectations of the international arbitration landscape. For enquiries and bookings, please contact our dedicated Customer Relations team at [email protected] or call (+65) 6595 9010.