Recap: Maxwell Chambers & Opus 2 Webinar: From virtual to hybrid – navigating arbitration hearings after COVID-19

Maxwell Chambers and Opus 2 held our first webinar together “From virtual to hybrid -navigating arbitration hearings after COVID-19” on 26 August 2020 with five esteemed industry representatives.

The speakers were Mr Timothy Cooke, Partner, Stephenson Harwood LLP, Mr Simon C. Milnes, Counsel and Arbitrator, Twenty Essex,  Mr Chan Leng Sun, SC, Senior Counsel and Arbitrator, Essex Court Chambers Duxton (Singapore), Ms Katherine Yap, Chief Executive, Maxwell Chambers, and Ms Katie-Beth Jones, Senior Business Development Consultant, Opus 2.

It was an insightful and informative session where the speakers gave their views and discussed how Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) was moving from virtual to hybrid hearings given the COVID-19 situation, and how the industry are turning to technology and video conferencing platforms to ensure that legal proceedings are conducted efficiently, without any delays.

We would also like to thank those that took the time to attend this webinar. Do check our website and social media platforms for more upcoming webinars.

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Video courtesy of Opus 2