Recap: Maxwell Lectures Webinar: Understanding Domain Name Arbitration In Asia

Recap - Hon Neil Brown - Feature Image

We were honoured to have the Hon Neil Brown as the speaker for our Maxwell Lectures webinar, Understanding Domain Name Arbitration in Asia on 19 November 2020. Mr Brown spoke on the uniqueness of this new form of arbitration and the current developments of this specific type of arbitration, more so in Asia.

The Hon Neil Brown QC is a Queens Counsel in Melbourne, Australia and has had a long and distinguished career in government and the law since 1964. He was a Minister in the Federal Government in Australia in charge of portfolios in the Attorney-General’s Communications and Employment and Youth Affairs.

In the legal industry, he has appeared in every jurisdiction in Australia and has had experience in commercial, intellectual property, town planning and taxation matters. He is a qualified arbitrator and mediator practicing in international and domestic matters in the commercial, communication, intellectual property and governmental fields. He is also a leading arbitrator and adviser on internet domain name disputes. Mr. Brown is also the President of the Australian Institute for Commercial Arbitration and the founder and editor of

You may download the webinar slides here and post webinar material here .

Thank you to the Hon Neil Brown for taking the time to share your expertise as well as all who attended the webinar!