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Please provide as much information as possible. A member of our staff will be in contact to confirm the details and provide a cost estimate for your booking. If you encounter issues with the form, you may also drop us an email at [email protected].

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    Numbers of AttendeesMaxwell Chambers will suggest the most suitable room based on the number of attendees. Please let us know the attendees attending in-person and virtually (where applicable)
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    Download: Virtual and Hybrid Hearing Checklist

      i. Video Conferencing Platform
      Video Conferencing
      Real Time Transcription
      vi.Intepretation and Translation
      Interpretation and Translation
      vii.ADR Support Services
      ADR Support Services
      v.Evidence Presentation
      Evidence Presentation
      iii. Case Management Platform
      Case Management Platform
      High-speed wireless internet access
      Individually Secured Rooms
      ii. Dedicated Virtual Hearing Moderator
      Virtual Hearing Moderator and AV/IT Support
      Business Centre
      Exclusive lounge access for arbitrators