[Special Issue] #10QuestionswithMaxwell Interview Series: Chuan Wee Meng, Singapore International Mediation Centre

Interview Series - Chuan Wee Meng, SIMC

This interview is released in conjunction with Singapore Convention Week 2021. For the third #10QuestionsWithMaxwell feature for #SCWeek2021 special issue, we reached out to Chuan Wee Meng, Chief Executive Officer of Singapore International Mediation Centre (SIMC). Prior to joining SIMC, Wee Meng served as General Counsel of IBM Greater China and Nortel Networks Asia Pacific over a period of more than 20 years. Leveraging on his deep regional experience, he leads SIMC to promote mediation to resolve complex, commercial cross-border disputes in Asia Pacific. In this interview, Wee Meng shared what the power of mediation is to him, key developments we can...

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#10QuestionswithMaxwell Interview Series: George Lim SC

Interview Series - George Lim SC

Following the launch of our #10QuestionsWithMaxwell interview series, our next guest plays a large role in Asia's mediation scene. The second guest is none other than George Lim SC, Chairman of Singapore International Mediation Centre (SIMC). George shared with us some of the highlights throughout his career as a mediator, his advice to young lawyers trying to get into the field of mediation, what he likes to do during his past time and more.   Read his full interview with the team below:   Q: What do you think makes a successful mediator?  A: For me, apart from having people and problem solving skills, a successful...

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