Global Arbitration Review Highlights Successful Virtual Hearing at Maxwell Chambers

Recently, Maxwell Chambers held a successful virtual hearing that was featured by the Global Arbitration Review.

Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Mr Timothy Cooke, Stephenson Harwood LLP, Sole Arbitrator tells GAR: “Our experience of holding a virtual hearing from Maxwell Chambers was a very positive one. The hearing required simultaneous attendance from people across three continents and the presentation of witnesses in different languages. The video conferencing facilities operated without difficulty and with very minimal time lag. This was impressive given that at one point we had counsel in England cross examining a witness in Australia with the tribunal and other participants in the hearing room in Singapore.”

Mr Simon Milnes, Twenty Essex, Respondent’s Council who appeared as counsel in the case from his home in London (the UK has been in lockdown since 23 March), says the experience of conducting a case via video technology was “so close to an in-person hearing that I will be unhesitatingly recommending this technology to clients even after the covid-19 crisis is over. It did not feel like a second-best option, but rather a state-of-the-art facility that let the arbitration run without hindrances.”

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