Maxwell Lectures

Launched in 2014, Maxwell Lectures brings to the arbitration community opportunities to hear from and interact with leading arbitrators, practitioners and academics from around the world.

Here are the speakers who have spoken at Maxwell Lectures from 2014 – 2019. 


  • Ms Lucy Reed – After ICCA Singapore, After ICCA Miami: The Next Questions
  • Ms Penelope Nevill – The Interface between Public International Law and Commercial Practice: Current Issues
  • Ms Sara Masters QC, Mr Michael Collett QC – Keeping the Train on the Track: How to make sure that your arbitration does not fail
  • Sir David A.R. Williams – Notable Recent Developments with respect to the “Soft Law” of International Arbitration: IBA Guidelines on Party Representation
  • Ms Meg Kinnear – Current Issues and Trends in Investment Arbitration


  • Prof Bernard Hanotiau – Who are the parties to the arbitration? An Asian perspective
  • Mr Andrew Moran QC – An arbitrator’s approach to resolving conflicts of evidence and the reasoning required to sustain the award
  • Mr Benjamin Hughes – So, you want to be an arbitrator?
  • Mr Alexis Mourre – An Evening Dialogue with the President of the ICC International Court of Arbitration
  • Mr Denys Hickey – Recent and Likely Future Developments in International Arbitration


  • Mr Rodney Dixon QC – The Permanent Court of Arbitration & Asia: Two Intra-Asian Investment & Maritime Arbitration Disputes
  • Mr Chan Leng Sun SC – Justiciability and the Act of State Doctrine


  • Mr Paul Randolph – The Practical Application of Psychology to Conflict Resolution
  • Mr Mark Kelly – Mediating Post-Disaster Insurance Dispute


  • Prof Benjamin Hughes – International Arbitration: The Rube Goldberg Dispute Resolution Machine?
  • Prof Steve Ngo – Why You are Not Yet an Arbitrator: Revisiting Dezalay & Garth After Two Decades
  • Prof Steve Ngo, Ms Shae Teo, Mr Aloysius Wee – Industrial Revolution – Impact of Technology on Dispute Resolution and Lawyering


  • Sir Jeremy Cooke – Damages for Deliberate Breach of Tortious Duty
  • Dr Ann Tan, Ms Halijah Mohamad, Ms Jolene Tan – Convention on Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) 101

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