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Happy Earth Day - Maxwell Chambers

Happy Earth Day! 

As a company, we are committed in embracing the role we can play in creating a healthier planet. To make a sustainable impact requires us to have clear goal(s), ongoing assessments of where we are, by building on past successes and failures and where we want to be in the future.   

Maxwell Goes Green is our sustainability programme launched this week. Here are 5 actionable goals we are taking in 2023:  

✅ Reduce unnecessary use of energy  

✅ Reduce single-use amenities  

✅ Choose sustainable partners and vendors  

✅ Encourage guests to make sustainable decisions  

✅ Waste reduction and efficiency  

If you are ready to start your Green Journey, we invite you to “Invest in our Planet” and make a difference this year. Sign the Campaign for Greener Arbitrations: The Green Pledge.

Join us in our efforts in creating change towards a more sustainable future. If you have any suggestions or would like to be involved, please email us at [email protected]


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Download: Virtual and Hybrid Hearing Checklist

    i. Video Conferencing Platform
    Video Conferencing
    Real Time Transcription
    vi.Intepretation and Translation
    Interpretation and Translation
    vii.ADR Support Services
    ADR Support Services
    v.Evidence Presentation
    Evidence Presentation
    iii. Case Management Platform
    Case Management Platform
    High-speed wireless internet access
    Individually Secured Rooms
    ii. Dedicated Virtual Hearing Moderator
    Virtual Hearing Moderator and AV/IT Support
    Business Centre
    Exclusive lounge access for arbitrators