Maxwell Mentorship Programme

Technology in Alternative Dispute Resolution (January – December 2022 Intake)

Maxwell Mentorship Programme is aimed at providing a platform for undergraduate and post graduate law students to be mentored by senior members of the ADR community in a practical “hands-on” context. Selected Mentees will have the opportunity to facilitate the conduct of ADR proceedings, and assist “real-time” in the efficient resolution of disputes. With the emerging role of technology in the ADR sphere, students will be educated on and be provided with access to the latest tools and applications. This may include secondments to leading legal technology providers to broaden their horizons in this fast-evolving field.


The inaugural programme will be led by the Steering Committee, in collaboration with Maxwell Chambers and the Mentors.


Applications for January – December 2022 Intake will close on 17 December 2021.

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What is the Maxwell Mentorship Programme (Technology in Alternative Dispute Resolution)?

The Maxwell Mentorship Programme is Maxwell Chambers brand-new initiative, to educate the next generation of practitioners and enhance collaboration within the ADR community. Through the programme, Mentees will gain first-hand experience and insight into ADR related activities, and be better equipped to make well-informed decisions about their professional development and the diverse pathways and roles available in this field.


Mentors are senior members of the arbitration community and have extensive experience conducting ADR proceedings. The Steering Committee members are leading practitioners and arbitrators, who have kindly agreed to partner Maxwell Chambers on developing and implementing this programme.


This year’s programme will also be supported by legal technology vendors and other partners, with the possibility of short term secondments to these organisations, for a more diverse experience and direct access to the latest legal technology platforms.

Who should apply as a Mentee?

The programme is open to undergraduate law students enrolled at Singapore’s local universities – NUS, SMU and SUSS. It is also open for LL.M / JD students who are keen to gain an insight into the ADR scene in Singapore.


Students interested in the field of dispute resolution and keen to explore a career in ADR will gain practical insights that will shape their professional development and expand their network.

Why should I participate as a Mentee? What can the programme offer me?

• Be introduced to the ADR scene in “real-time” and how Maxwell Chambers plays an integral role in the ADR ecosystem.
• Be mentored by eminent arbitration specialists.
• Gain a “behind the scenes” understanding of the procedures and administrative practices that contribute towards a seamless case administration.
• “Hands-on” exposure to legal or case management work in actual cases.
• *Opportunities to observe legal proceedings and support the management of virtual proceedings for a front row glimpse into the “live” conduct of ADR proceedings.
• Access to the latest legal technology to facilitate the conduct of proceedings.
• Enhanced education and understanding of the diverse features of the ADR landscape, including model clauses, hearing protocols, services and technology to enhance the virtual experience; legal research on developments and support for conferences or workshops in the ADR sphere.


*Confidentiality is paramount and any participation will be contingent on the execution of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and agreement and approval of the necessary stakeholders.

What are the expectations for the Mentees?

• Active participation in a wide range of activities related to the conduct of ADR proceedings. Some potential activities include on-site orientation, virtual/in-person meetings with stakeholders, networking sessions, internship/attachment and etc.
• Regular communication with the mentors; curiosity and an open mind to learn the key features and developments in this fast-evolving field.

Taking Part

Applications for the inaugural Maxwell Mentorship Programme (Technology in Alternative Dispute Resolution) are now open.


This programme is offered to law students (undergraduate / LL.M / JD students) in Singapore. Applicants are required to ensure that you have complied with your university’s policies and/or the relevant government regulations (if any), to undertake this mentorship programme from your current country of residence and/or other relevant jurisdictions.


Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend an interview. Successful applicants will be notified in advance of the cycle commencing in January 2022.

Submit your application

To note:
• Incomplete applications will be disregarded.
• Requests for specific Mentors or Mentorship Groups will not be entertained. No special accommodation shall be allowed.
• Applicants should ensure information entered in the application form is correct.
• The Maxwell Mentorship Programme will be able to accommodate a limited number of Mentees, and we expect the application process to be very competitive. Please submit your CV / resume and cover letter to assist us in identifying suitable candidates. The cover letter should include your statement of interest describing your objectives and motivation in applying for the programme.


For any enquiries, please send in your question to [email protected] with the reference [Maxwell Mentorship Programme] in the e-mail subject heading. We will provide a reply as soon as we can.