The Virtual And Hybrid Hearing Experience At Maxwell Chambers

Maxwell Chambers is now able to accommodate clients’ requests to conduct hybrid hearings with safe distancing measures in place, in addition to virtual hearings.

Parties and tribunals will be able to connect through an integrated platform for case preparation and connected hearing room services. Maxwell Chambers and our partners are available to provide legal practitioners with the necessary assistance to conduct effective and efficient hearings with a full suite of services, including remote transcription, interpretation and digital hearing solutions.

As a neutral party, Maxwell Chambers ensures your proceedings can happen as seamlessly as possible. Our virtual hearing manager will ensure test calls prior to the hearings, manage the participants’ visual and audio quality during the hearing, allow only approved participants into the hearings, create breakout rooms for private discussions and more.

Our staff will be here every step of the way to render technical assistance. For parties physically present at Maxwell Chambers, you can be assured there will be on-site AV and IT support to ensure connectivity to the other parties virtually.

For enquiries and bookings, please contact our dedicated Customer Relations team at [email protected] or submit an enquiry here.

Download: Virtual and Hybrid Hearing Checklist

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i. Video Conferencing Platform
Video Conferencing
Real Time Transcription
vi.Intepretation and Translation
Interpretation and Translation
vii.ADR Support Services
ADR Support Services
v.Evidence Presentation
Evidence Presentation
iii. Case Management Platform
Case Management Platform
High-speed wireless internet access
Individually Secured Rooms
ii. Dedicated Virtual Hearing Moderator
Virtual Hearing Moderator and AV/IT Support
Business Centre
Exclusive lounge access for arbitrators